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KOKOON Stylist Details

To start the process please submit an application, we would love to learn more about you!

Becoming a KOKOON Stylist is the ideal flexible fashion opportunity you've been searching for!

Stylists create a boutique shopping experience for their clients focused on personalized styling expertise and excellent customer service. 

Stylists can choose from 2 different starter kits. 
The Walk Starter Set is an ideal way to test the waters and make sure KOKOON is the right fit for you. The Run Starter Set gives you a lot more cute styles to build your own boutique business. 
Want to Walk before you Run?
You can upgrade within 3 months of your sign up date and we'll credit your Walk investment toward your Run starter set.

Stylist Walk Starter Set

Run Starter Set


$500 (receive $1000 retail credit towards samples)

$1800 (receive $3600 retail credit toward samples)





Minimum Sales

$3500 each half year

$7500/each half year

 And/Or Commissionable sales must equal a min. of 5 x's the amount of dollars spent on discounted purchases (samples and personal purchases) 

Seasonal Renewal

Each half year based on sales minimums  Each half year based on sales minimums
Personal Discount*
For eligible stylists
30% 30%

Discount on New Release
Sample Purchases*

$500 sample investment is 50% off retail. Additional styles may be purchased using your personal discount. 

Sell a minimum of $3500 in your first 3 months and shop additional new samples at 50% Off (some restrictions apply). 
Or purchase using your personal discount.

Earn Hostess Credits

1 x each half year

2 x’s each half year

AND...we offer Free credit card processing, personalized weblink, access to marketing materials, easy to share social media content, fun promotions, monthly sales incentives, and support from home office. 

One Time New Stylist Kit

Choose your samples**
Starting Business Cards (RUN Stylists only)
Personalized Website Link
Order Forms
KOKOON Hangers

Cost $500 or $1800 

Receive everything above plus $1000 or $3600 (Retail Value) Stylist Credit toward samples.
$500 Walk Set = Approx. 10 to 15 pieces depending on styles chosen
$1800 Run Set = 35 to 45 pieces depending on styles chosen

**We will make recommendations, but you may choose your samples; some restrictions apply.
***RUN Stylists ~ Additional samples may be purchased when placing your FIRST sample order based on availability. Some restrictions apply.

Earn your initial investment back quickly ~ RUN Stylists earn $1800 in commissions for every $6000 in retail sales. Plus, with Kickstart Rewards, earn up to $500 in Stylist Credits towards new samples your first season.

How do Stylists Earn Kickstart Rewards?
When a RUN Stylist first joins KOKOON, they have 45 days to earn Kickstart Rewards ~
Stylist Credits (Retail Value) towards new sample purchases. 

New Stylist Kickstart Reward (one level may be achieved)


Stylist Credit Bonus

$5000 in your 1st 45 days


Or $10,000 in your 1st 45 days


, if a Stylist sells 70% of their samples at a 10 to 30% discount, they earn approximately $1800 to $2300.

Can I earn bonuses and overrides?
We have occassional sales incentives and also have a one-tier override system for our Stylists (RUN only) who recruit other successful Stylists, although recruiting is never required. 

What if...
You found a company and product you would be really proud to represent ~ one that aligns with your aesthetic and values of contemporary style, quality, service, accessibility, and ethical American made manufacturing?

And what if...if you could combine your love of fashion with your innate sense of style, social skills, passion for helping women look and feel confident and beautiful, together with your marketing and entrepreneurial skills?

Well, could create an opportunity for yourself that feeds your soul while accommodating your schedule and priorities.  

FAQ’s ~

Can anyone become a KOKOON Stylist?
Working together is only fun and beneficial if it’s a good match for both parties, so we have an application and interview process.

Is KOKOON right for me?
KOKOON should feel like YOU.
Most importantly, do our style and price point feel right for you and the women you know in your social network? The most successful way to sell KOKOON is to wear it every day. If KOKOON isn’t your style, or if it’s out of your price point comfort zone...well, you’ve answered your own question.

Do I need a sales background?
For us, selling isn’t ‘selling’, it’s sharing what you love and wear & helping other women make choices that flatter & solve their wardrobe & lifestyle needs. Our most successful salespeople are the ones who wear & love KOKOON & are ambassadors for the brand.
That being said, no one is successful in a vacuum. You should feel comfortable networking, sharing KOKOON’s story, and pursuing opportunities to show KOKOON.

What qualities do you look for in a Candidate?
Do you want to work with people who are positive, fun, and supportive? So do we!
Being involved in your community, being social (in real life and on social media), stylish, and having a natural talent for wardrobing and loving helping women feel confident and beautiful...those are the building blocks of a successful KOKOON business.  
Having an entrepreneurial spirit, marketing skills, and making people feel special and happy...those are wonderful qualities that lend themselves to success in any business.
If this sounds like you, then you would probably have a lot of fun building your own KOKOON Styling business!

Are you required to recruit and is this a multi-level or pyramid type of company?
No, No, and No. We have a 1-tier ‘thank you’ reward system in place for Stylists who refer and mentor successful matches. Most of our Stylists aren’t interested in recruiting, they just want to be rewarded for their own hard work.

How many Seasons does KOKOON have?
We break two major seasons each year, with new designs being introduced throughout.  Fall/Winter is introduced in August Spring/Summer is introduced in February. Expect our small batch, limited editions to sell out and to see new options often. We slow down during mid July thru mid August, and Mid December thru Mid January as we develop and prepare for the new seasons. 

Are there territories?

Women shop with who they know, so we don’t have territories.

Are there required Sales Meetings?
KOKOON hosts an annual sales meeting and recognition each January and a Fall Preview Party each July in Minneapolis. Attendance is optional but encouraged.
KOKOON offers sales incentives to offset travel expenses to the January meeting.

Where is KOKOON made?
KOKOON is based in Minneapolis, MN. where we do all of our design development and pre-production. Our production is done in Los Angeles, and then shipped back to our Minneapolis studio/warehouse where we fulfill orders.
We are proud to be ethically made in the USA!! 

What is a typical KOKOON show like?  
KOKOON shows can vary so much! Whether the event is big or small, the emphasis is always on having fun and helping women look and feel beautiful, and provide wardrobe soutions.
Exclusive KOKOON shows (with approx. 7 to 12 shoppers) average about $1600 in the spring, and $1900 in the fall.
Other types of shows (like online or Facebook shows, mini shows, shows with another product line, public shows) generally average less, but are still great for building sales and relationships. Our stylists typically earn $40 to $120 per hour.

How do I become a KOKOON Stylist?

To start the process please submit an application, we would love to learn more about you!


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