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KOKOON Stylist and Spokestylist Details

Align yourself with a company and product that reflects your aesthetic and values of quality, service, accessibility, and ethical American made manufacturing.
Combine your love of fashion with your innate sense of style, social skills, passion for helping women look and feel confident and beautiful, together with your marketing and entrepreneurial skills to create your ideal flexible opportunity.

Here’s a quick comparison of our Spokestylist and Stylist positions:





Very part time independent representative, shares via social media and have a select assortment of samples to wear and share in person. May also sell through trunk shows, pop ups,  and appointments.

An independent merchant who embodies our "Boutique Without Borders" concept. Purchases samples and sells through trunk shows, pop ups, appointments, and social media.






30% - 50%

Initial Investment

$480 = $800 in KOKOON Retail Credit (40% Off)

$1800 = $3600 in KOKOON Retail Credit +

Sales Minimums

Retail sales* of $1500 each half year

Retail sales of $7500 each half year


Free with retail sales of $1500/each half year.

20 piece minimum sample purchase each half year

Unique Web Link

Yes - Personalized

Yes - Personalized

Commission on Company sponsored FB live Events & Online



Access to marketing

FB Rep’s Page & KOKOON Central

FB Rep’s Page & KOKOON Central

Choose your samples?

You may choose from a
pre-selected assortment of signature and limited edition styles

Yes. Some restrictions apply.

Eligible to Earn Hostess Credit


2x’s per season (half year)

More info:

Being a KOKOON Spokestylist is the perfect fashionable side-gig to your already busy, stylish life!
Invest in yourself with a one-time investment of $480 and receive $800 of KOKOON retail credit (40% Off) towards select signature KOKOON styles to wear and share.

  • Earn 20% Commission on retail sales
  • Receive your unique URL link
  • Sell in-person and online by sharing new product releases, sales, and Facebook Live events 
  • Access to original digital marketing 
  • Early access to new styles and promotions
  • 20% personal shopping discount
  • Mentorship from a Stylist Leader
  • $1500 minimum in retail sales per half year to remain active 
  • Eligible to participate in sales incentives 
  • Join other like-minded women and become part of our KOKOON community!


Becoming a KOKOON Stylist is the perfect business opportunity for fashionable entrepreneurs searching for a flexible yet serious business opportunity.

Stylists purchase their sample selection to create a boutique shopping experience and to pursue maximum income potential, earning 30% to 35% commission on retail sales and earning more if they choose to build a team.

The initial investment for a new Stylist is $1800. They receive supplies to start their business and a $3600 Retail Value credit toward their sample purchase. This generally equals about 35 to 45 samples, depending on the assortment chosen. Additional samples may be purchased a la carte. This is the best option for someone who is interested in building a consistent independent business.


Minimum Initial Investment

$1800 = $3600 KOKOON Retail Credit


20 piece minimum sample purchase per major season (2 x’s per year)

Discount on select New Release Sample Purchases



30% - 35%

Personal Discount


Eligible for Hostess Credit

2 x’s each half year

Optimum number of shows

1 to 2 shows per week, plus private appointments and online marketing

Eligible to build Teams


Credit Card Processing Fees


Sales  Minimums

$7500 per half year


Access to marketing materials

Easy to share social media content

Office Support


One Time New Stylist Kit

Cost $1800 minimum + shipping

Choose your samples**
Starting Business Cards
Personalized Website Link
Order Forms

Plus $3600 (Retail Value) Stylist Credit toward samples. (Approx. 35 to 45 pieces depending on assortment)

Purchase additional Samples at 50% off***

**We will make recommendations, but you may choose your samples; some restrictions apply. ***Additional samples may be purchased when placing your sample set order based on availability. Some restrictions apply.

Earn your initial investment back quickly ~ Stylists earn $1800 in commissions for every $6000 in retail sales, and more if there are team bonuses.
Plus, with Kickstart Rewards, earn up to $500 in Stylist Credits towards new samples.

How do Stylists Earn Kickstart Rewards?
When a Stylist first joins KOKOON, they have 45 days to earn Kickstart Rewards ~
Stylist Credits (Retail Value) towards new sample purchases.

First Season Kickstart Rewards (one level may be achieved)


Stylist Credit Bonus

$5000 in your 1st 45 days


Or $10,000 in your 1st 45 days


After a Stylists’ initial season, they will have the opportunity to earn a $200 SC if $5000 in sales is achieved during the first month of season kickoff (August and February) plus participate in regular sales incentives and contests.

KOKOON trunk shows (exclusively KOKOON, with about 7 to 12 shoppers) average about $1600 in the spring, and $1900 in the fall. Other types of shows (like online or Facebook shows, mini shows, shows with another product line, public shows) generally average less, but are still great for building sales and relationships. Our stylists typically earn $40 to $120 per hour.

Additionally, if a Stylist sells 70% of their samples at a 10 to 30% discount, they earn approximately $1800 to $2300.

How can I earn bonuses and overrides?
Stylists are never required to recruit, but if you know someone who would be a great addition to KOKOON, then share what you love! See details below.

KOKOON is not an MLM company. We offer a very unique business model that allows you to create and mentor an extremely broad and lucrative one-tier team.  

Stylists can build a team of Insiders (casual social sharers of KOKOON), Spokes-Stylists (part time stylists, working thru social media and/or in person), and other Stylists.
Stylists earn overrides on their team member’s sales, along with bonuses on their own sales. Minimum personal sales needed to qualify, please see chart below.

Stylist Leaders

Stylist Commission

Stylist Leader

(collectively sell
$24k in a month)

Stylist Manager

(collectively sell
$48k in a month)

Stylist Director

(collectively sell $72k in a month)

Your Sales





Stylist Team Members’ Sales
(your own sales count toward your team sales)





Spokestylist Team Member Sales






KOKOON Insiders**





*Must meet your own retail sales minimum of $2000 to qualify for overrides for that month.
Retail sales = the amount of money actually collected minus shipping, returns, and charity donations. Retail sales do not include personal purchases or sample or reward purchases.

**Stylists also earn:
30% Commission on their Insiders’ personal purchases
(excluding sample and rewards purchases)

***Manager and Director level stylists must represent KOKOON Exclusively (no other direct sale company) in order to qualify for overrides.

Your greatest champions of your business will be your clients who wear KOKOON!
This extraordinary structure makes it possible to attract and build broad teams of KOKOON ambassadors without negatively affecting your client base.

FAQ’s ~

Can anyone become a KOKOON Stylist?
Working together is only fun and beneficial if it’s a good match for both parties, so we have an application and interview process.

How do I know if KOKOON is the right fit for me?
The best way to find out is by taking a spin around our website.
Does our product and price point fit your personal style and budget? Can you see your friends wearing KOKOON? Do you love helping women look and feel confident and beautiful? Do you connect with our values of small batch, ethically produced manufacturing?
If the answer to these questions is Yes, then we’re probably the perfect company to align yourself with!

Do I need a sales background? 
For usselling isn’t ‘selling’, it’s sharing what you love & helping other women make choices that flatter & solve their wardrobe & lifestyle needs. Our most successful salespeople are the ones who wear & love KOKOON & are ambassadors for the brand. 
That being said, no one is successful in a vacuum. You should feel comfortable networking, sharing KOKOON’s story, and pursuing opportunities to show KOKOON.

What qualities do you look for in a Candidate?
Do you want to work with people who are positive, fun, and supportive? So do we!
Being involved in your community, being social (in real life and on social media), stylish, and having a natural talent for wardrobing and loving the feeling of helping women feel confident and beautiful...those are the building blocks of a successful KOKOON business.  
Having an entrepreneurial spirit, marketing skills, and making people feel special and happy...those are wonderful qualities that lend themselves to success in any business. 
If this sounds like you, then you would probably have a lot of fun building your own KOKOON Styling business!

Are there territories?
Women shop with who they know, so we don’t have territories.

Where do you ship?
We ship to clients in the US and Canada.

Are there required Sales Meetings?
KOKOON hosts an annual sales meeting and recognition each January and a Fall Preview Party each July in Minneapolis. Attendance is optional but encouraged. 
KOKOON offers sales incentives to offset travel expenses to the January meeting.

How do I become a KOKOON Spokestylist or Stylist?

To start the process please submit an application.
We can’t wait to learn more about you and see if we were made for each other!


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